Welcome to Car Talk with Tom Emmett!

In 1976 while working at the local Chevrolet dealership, I earned my first commission selling a new Camaro. The feeling of seeing my friend happily drive off in his new car was incredible. To this day that feeling still grows each time someone buys a car or golf cart from us!

Through many career changes and 5 different states...I've never stopped selling or helping people buy things on wheels.

However, excitement and joy quickly fade whenever a friend or family member shares their story of a bad car-buying experience at the dealership. Deals that take hours to complete.  Very low trade allowance. High interest rate. Longer term loans. Worst yet...the focus on a payment rather than the actual price paid and the aftermarket items added to the sales contract and financing agreement. 

All of these things work against you. That's why I write this now.

I've been on the "inside" for decades and can assure you that buying a car should be exciting, pleasant and fun! Most of all...it should NOT be something that hurts you financially.

There ARE dealers who care about more than just selling you a car today. My goal in upcoming blog posts is to arm you with information and tactics to help you achieve the aforementioned EVEN if your local dealer is not among the caring group!

My reward will be to hear feedback on how these lessons and tips worked for you and those you care about.

That's all. 41 years of buying and selling vehicles ought to help someone.

I hope it's you!